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In-house deliverability: how to preserve a professionalized team and infrastructure?

Imagine an enterprise willing to perform an in-house routing suite ; what would be the technical as well as human factors it could lack of? Overall, there are four main categories:

  • Campaign Management System.
  • Mail Transfer Agent.
  • Deliverability Monitoring Suite.
  • And more importantly, a deliverability manager, responsible of analyzing deliverability and overseeing any further strategy.

If an MTA is easily deployed, these firsts three factors involving in-house deliverability infrastructure will not be easy to scale, specially regarding the deliverability monitoring suite or even more when talking about deliverability manager. Nowadays, it has become rather difficult to find well-versed operational deliverability experts.

As senior deliverability adviser since several years ago, DeliverNow decided to face these obstacles by providing a four-axed built-in solution.

DeliverNow releases “In-House Emailing Suite”

iES is DeliverNow’s breakthrough, a unique suite like no other in the deliverability market. The four elements herein are fully integrated and ready to be deployed by your organization once and for all — without any further developing. iES empowers you to experience increased deliverability providing constant close monitoring and field experience.

iES features:

  • A campaign management system: in charge of overseeing all of your marketing team’s demands; from list and email-template management, to landing pages and survey creation and segmenting (see full-characteristic schema below).
  • Specialized in PowerMTA-based routing solutions for many years, DeliverNow helps you to deploy this leading deliverability solution, exploited by most well-know email routers worldwide.
  • When talking about deliverability as well as senders’ reputation monitoring, expertise in a must. iES enables real-time email inbox placement monitoring, deliverability’s resources availability, domain and IP addresses reputation, etc.
  • Through iES, you will be constantly advised by your Deliverability Manager. He is responsible for the prompt reaction and troubleshooting, as well as for optimizing your infrastructure, rendering it capable of overcoming new challenges and of evolving according to your demands.

Want to know more about iES? Feel free to contact DeliverNow.