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Deliverability is a critical issue for our clients, whether it is related to emailing campaign or transactional messages.

These clients have chosen to internally manage their emailing delivery and want to improve their deliverability efficiency with the help of our expertise.
We operate in contexts of economical model where emails represent a crucial key and most of our clients are Internet pure players, major companies or online retailers.

Our customers appreciate to be able to associate the best of both worlds:

What our customers says :


The audit of our deliverability completed by DeliverNow followed by an implementation of our practice compliance allowed us to enhance our email deliverability rate and optimise our return on investment.
Hubert Darnet – Marketing Digital Director at CIEL



Thanks to DeliverNow for bringing me such unbiased view on deliverability of our email campaigns around the world. Their competence in monitoring, detecting and proactively fixing deliverability issues has made it possible for us to archive 98%+ deliverability far superseding the industry average.
Dev Dutta – Director, Multichannel Marketing at MSD





Jérôme’s expertise provides email sender with the relevant advice in order to deliver correctly their emails according to SFR messaging system and best management prerequisites.
Philippe Antuoro – Enriched Communication Technical Expert at SFR