deliverability project manager

DeliverNow, the independent expert in email deliverability, works hand in hand with clients through their routing infrastructure implementation by following the best emailing practices. DeliverNow offers a wide range of tools and services conceived to monitor in real-time their deliverability.

DeliverNow looks for a deliverability project manager.


Manage the all the aspects of the deliverability project including MTA and deliverability monitoring tools’ implementation.

• Project management, oversight, technical implementation and test deployments.
• Relationship with Webmails and ISP’s, FBL implementation and whitelisting.

Develop clients’ deliverability long-term follow-up.
• SMPT log analyze through DMS (DeliverNow-developed monitoring desk).
• Identify deliverability problems.
• Analyze and manage deliverability’s problems by consulting filtering companies such as abuse desks, blacklists, antispam suppliers.
• Provide clients with continuous follow-up focusing on the goal of maximizing deliverability by analyzing ongoing and past improvements.
• Assist clients with advise on good deliverability practices.


• Good knowledge of factors affecting email deliverability.
• Experience in filtering and blacklisting techniques deployed by ISP’s and Webmails.
• Availability to optimize the in-house process of deliverability’s production and monitoring.
• Proficiency in the email field including senders, receivers, filters and authorities.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Self-organized.
• Excellent web tools grasp.
• Advanced office applications skills.
• English and French fluency.


• 1+ years of experience with emailing.

Work schedule and status

• Remote position with occasional travel.
• Most of the workflow is performed by mail, phone or Skype.
• Weekly working hours vary from 10 to 25 hours, according to workflows.
• Freelancers welcomed.