Yahoo!’s feedback loop transition due on June the 29th

yahoo-emailLast Tuesday, Yahoo! announced all of its feedback loop’s users the upcoming change of its infrastructure (June 29). As of 2009, such infrastructure was handled by Return Path, and it will be from now on managed directly by Yahoo!

In the email, Yahoo! offers its feedback loop’s users to back-up the existing data saved in the Return Path’s platform, including set up domains, selectors, feedback addresses and confirmation addresses.

The service shall remain working as usual, and if you are currently receiving spam complaints from Yahoo!, it is likely that you will keep on receiving them in the same format and to the same addresses.

Nonetheless, we consider that there is one question that has not been yet answered: Will Yahoo! keep on operating by Return Path’s certification program? DeliverNow will keep you updated on the topic the sooner we get further information.

More information on Yahoo!s Feedback loop available at

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