Email domain shutdowns, the website created in 1998, which was once the 2nd largest search engine in use in France, just behind Yahoo!, has announced as of several weeks ago from now, the shutdown of its webmail as well as the utter suppression of all emails addresses in its domain.

The shutdown will come into effect as of January the 12th 2016: see the website about this (in French).

What to do if a email address is found in your databases?

Even though is part of Orange, email addresses in this webmail will not be automatically transferred to the latter. It is therefore impossible to run an automatized transfer of all email addresses towards a different domain.

The only possible action to be deployed is to contact all of your requesting to for an update of their email addresses. When sending this email, it is important to split customers into 2 categories: the active ones and the prospect/inactive ones. It is likely that the massage aiming to redirect them to a email-update box must be edited accordingly in order to maximize impact and efficiency.

As of January 2016, all addresses are to be disabled from your sending databases since they will be no longer active. Otherwise, you risk low-deliverability rates as well as high rates of invalid addresses.

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