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Big Data at your deliverability service: DeliverNow settles on Splunk

Nobody can hide it anymore; sending emails generates an enormous amount of data. As a matter of fact, this amount is simultaneously increasing along the email’s marketing strategies sophistication. On top of the data coming from clicks and openings, we may, for instance, talk about geo-localization data, behavioral analyze, etc. However, the ultimate email marketing data generator remains the SMPT process per-se. Since each of the SMTP connections implies a dialogue between two remote SMPT servers, each of the stages of this dialogue generate a vertiginous amount of « tracks ».

Handling with in-house data is not enough to properly analyze and follow up the deliverability’s progression: it is highly important to know how to exploit and reintegrate data coming from outer systems. Here are some examples:

  • Feedback-loop data analyze and process (spam complaint number by IP address)
  • Blacklist monitoring data.
  • Information regarding the spamtraps number.
  • Reputation data proposed by «Suppliers» such as Senderscore by ReturnPath or Senderbase by Cisco.

The complexity of analyzing all this data remains in the great variety of coexisting formats, codes, etc — for instance, SMPT error codes triggered by the same cause may be different from one ISP to another — and let’s not mention the variety of technologies and formats enabled by the many feedback loops.

It is therefore a key factor to gather and grant authorization to this wide range of manifold data in order to come up with relevant reports empowering you to control all your deliverability set up : it is Big Data time.

DeliverNow settles on Splunk.

It is time to talk about Big Data when classic processing is no longer efficient due to the generated data amount and diversification. In the email deliverability arena, it quickly becomes rather complex to use, aggregate and manage all this data.

This is why DeliverNow have decided to rely on Splunk’s services and become an authorized reseller. Splunk is software capturing, indexing and correlating the many components of IT infrastructures generated data. This tool enables the use of monitoring technologies allowing detection and identification of any failure coming from machines.

DeliverNow has developed a Splunk-based turnkey solution (related to the PowerMTA, Port25 and others MTAs use) empowering you with utter master of your deliverability. Thanks to Big Data, we are now able to monitor all of your deliverability’s settings, as well as detecting in no time any failure as well as major fluctuations regarding your sender’s reputation.

Talking about deliverability, it is a matter of life and death to promptly react to any failure, hence aiming to reduce damages to the minimum. That is why nowadays Big Data processing is a must.

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