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Office365: A reliable service for B2B Deliverability

logo-office365If you are interested in B2B deliverability, you probably know that Microsoft’s Exchange solutions have been one of the most popular among corporations for more than 10 years. However, with the emergence of Google’s professional solutions in the form of ‘Google Apps for Bussiness’, Microsoft has largely invested in cloud-based software, of which email is a keystone.

With its Office365, Microsoft enhances cloud-storage of the whole Exchange infrastructure — formerly stored in on-site servers — as well as the integration of several services such as Share Point, a cloud-version of its Office software (Word, Powerpoint, …), plus a great deal of brand-new solutions including OneNote, OneDrive and more.

Furthermore, regarding email management, it offers several advantages to system administrators, for instance; infrastructure is ready-to-work in a matter of minutes, upgrades are started automatically, anti-spam protection is shared, licences are on a per user basis, and so on.

French enterprises are moving fastly towards deploying this solution.

Thanks to the thousands of SMPT log lines collected by DeliverNow on a daily basis, we are capable of analyzing the scope of Office365’s deployment compared to the classic Exchange version or to other cloud-based solutions.

Currently, we witness the transition of several corporations towards the implementation of this solution, such is the CAC40 and some others including;

  • tf1.fr
  • bfmtv.fr
  • eiffage.com
  • vinci-energies.com
  • fr.nestle.com
  • legrand.fr
  • rexel.fr

This should be regarded with particular interest by organizations targeting enterprises through marketing campaigns. We are moving from a B2B delveralbiity — widely deployed thanks to its large variety of settings and solutions — to paying special attention to some major professionals.

If you would like to know if a domain is Office365-protected, you can easily run a test reading the DNS records — for instance; tf1.fr:

> dig MX tf1.fr +short
5 tf1-fr.mail.protection.outlook.com.

What are Office365 antispam strategies?

Each email address hosted by Office365 enjoys by default an inbound-and-outbound anti-spam protection. Most administrators deploy the standard settings of this solution, despite the possibility of performing customized settings for its own enterprise.

Regarding anti-spam protection, Office365 relies mostly on connection filters using databases from reputation data as well as from email content analysis. Content analysis verifies the different features of messages to check if they are spam-alike.

New features: Possibility of removal from Office365’s blacklist.

If sent emails are being rejected on the sending IP-address, it is likely that your IP has been blocked by Office365. It’s been a short time since it is possible to use a specific form to attempt the removal of your IP address from a blacklist. Such process implies entering your IP address as well as your email address onto a form. You will then receive a secured link to request the removal of your address from the blacklist.

The form: https://sender.office.com/


Deliverability Monitoring.

To ensure the ultimate performance of your deliverability, it is highly relevant to implement the proper tools. These will allow you to promptly reply to any of the many random deliverability issues you might come across, as well as to resolve fastly any upcoming problem without taking any longer.

With this as a background, DeliverNow has created DMS (Deliverability Monitoring Suite), which enhances a large variety of tools designed to promptly alert you about even the minor issue.

As always, our team of experts is ready to listen to you if you want to learn more about this suite. Feel free to contact us.