JGDeliverNow combines a cutting edge technology, a founder who is a French pioneer in deliverability and a commitment to the fight against spam. As soon as 2005, Jérôme Gays industrialised a deliverability management unit with one of the top 5 French email service provider. He, thus, has been a French pioneer in setting up deliverability management for marketing and transactional email campaigns. For 6 years, he has supervised deliverability for more than 500 companies who sent more than 1,000,000 campaigns and a total of 20 billions of delivered emails.

Jérôme Gays acquired a relevant operational experience in the daily deliverability management and is recognised as being a battle-hardened professional.

Jérôme Gays is also involved in the antispam fight to ensure the long-term sustainability of email channel and is actively working to SignalSpam as a technical expert in charge of spam reporting application.

We consider the quality of the emailing (targeted, personalised, etc.) as vital to ensure the long-term sustainability of the email channel, along with values of respect on the side of the internet user, ongoing laws and channel quality.

For several years, DeliverNow has been developing it’s own technological tools dedicated to deliverability monitoring.